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The Innovator in Ultrasound

At Hitachi Aloka, all of our resources are devoted to ultrasound. We are the largest dedicated ultrasound company in the world, and we have been “The Innovator in Ultrasound” for more than 50 years.

Hitachi Aloka offers small compact, portable systems as well as powerful consoles designed for every veterinary environment. Hitachi Aloka has developed the most versatile, most complete ultrasound solution available today. This system—ProSound™—was first introduced in 1996. Since that time we have made numerous innovations, and delivered more than 12,000 ProSound™ systems worldwide.

Hitachi Aloka's high-performance and user friendly ultrasound systems are renowned for reliability and are manufactured to highest industry standards by a dedicated workforce.

The links on the right provide more information on the various types of systems and transducers that Hitachi Aloka offers. Hitachi Aloka has a system available to meet your needs.